My hubby went scuba diving yesterday and today. He’s working on his certification, and they did a full day of training and pool practice a couple weeks ago. So yesterday he met with his group a little before 7am, and they drove to Belize City to catch a boat out to their dive site. I got certified when I lived in Florida, so we’re looking forward to diving together someday soon.

This highlights one of the best things about living abroad, all of the unique opportunities you have. We’ve been talking about getting him certified since before we got married, but there weren’t too many PADI programs in Antarctica or Colorado. Ice diving and diving at altitude are all specialty courses anyway. And how fun will it be to be able to say that he got certified while living in Belize! Maybe next year we can get our advanced certifications together, and I too can say I was certified in Belize!

So I’ve had a pretty quiet couple days. Got up around 6am with the baby, we played and had some breakfast. He went down for a nap around 8am, so I took the opportunity to unpack a few more boxes (no, we still have not unpacked our HHE all the way), hang some art, and have a playdate with the toddler family across the street. I’m glad there’re a few families here with kids so that he can get some socializing in.

Today I cut my hair. It’s relatively easy because it’s long, so I can’t screw it up too badly. I’m in serious need of a makeover. Haven’t really had time to get a fancy new look for work. But then, Belize isn’t exactly cosmopolitan, so I haven’t felt particularly pressured.

We started going to the gym at the embassy every day at lunch. If nothing else spectacular happens, I’m hoping to at least lose about 50 pounds in the next two years. Maybe then I’ll actually be able to get into a nice dress if we get to a post large enough to have a Marine Ball!