Ha ha, I love that title. And in all fairness, they weren’t really weevils, they were pantry moths…aka flour moths, Indian meal moths, you name it. But they were still disgusting. I know people get bugs in their food in the States too, but you can usually switch brands. Here you can’t just walk into a store and buy a nicely sealed bag of rice or sugar or flour. We have three grocery stores…two Chinese and one Belizean. And in each one, what you get is a clear plastic bag, the contents of which obviously came from a much larger bag and were randomly redistributed into smaller bags by a store employee…and then labeled in Sharpie.

We don’t eat a lot of rice, but, needless to say, my husband was still quite surprised when he pulled a yet-to-be-opened-by-us bag of rice off the shelf in our kitchen and saw a moth fluttering around inside the empty space at the top. Upon closer inspection, he also found several larvae mid-cocoon and the odd egg sac clumping together grains of rice. He later showed these treasures to me before dropping the entire lot unceremoniously in the trash. We will now be ordering the majority of our staples online from the States.