Here’s an article from Elle magazine about the women in Secretary Clinton’s security detail.  The article was good…not terribly in-depth, which is understandable considering the subject matter (closed-mouth security types) and the medium (fluffy women’s fashion magazine)…although I was stunned that they used the women’s names. Hopefully they’re not real. But it spotlighted an interesting career area.

This photo was posted with the article on Elle and was from a larger series also posted on VII, an online photo magazine produced by the photographers themselves. I have mixed feelings about some of the other photos. They seem to have gone out of their way to focus on the hair and nails rather than on some of the more obvious themes like danger and discipline. I guess they were playing to their intended audience at Elle, especially with a title like “Hillary’s Angels.”

However, I found it slightly curious that the author and photographer shared each other’s resources, yet posted on two completely different sites without crediting each other as contributors. But that’s probably just my journalism degree talking.

Photo by Stephanie Sinclair