Since joining the Foreign Service I have become the queen of filling out forms. I’m actually one of those sick people who enjoys doing paperwork, which is probably why I’m an Office Manager. If this was a skill I’d had when I was younger maybe I would’ve applied to UCLA instead of being intimidated by the application and going to a JC…ha ha. Who knows. ANYWAY, here’s a sample of the forms I’ve completed for Belize.

Agricultural permit for the cat.

Customs forms for vehicle.

Inventories for air shipment and household goods.

Travel voucher reimbursement.

Diplomatic bio.

Diplomatic ID cards.

Belize visas.

Vehicle registration.

Local insurance.

GST forms for reimbursement.

Gas coupon book.

This is in addition to the myriad of paperwork we did for HR and medical and every other department during orientation. And speaking of orientation, I remember one presenter asking if anyone in the group liked to make lists. I raised my hand. Did anyone in the group like to check things off their list when they were completed? I raised my hand. Did anyone in the group add things to their list after they’d done them just so they could cross them of their list? Check. 🙂