I heard a funny quote about diplomacy today, so I decided to do a little research, look for other good quotes online. I found a few and listed them below. But I was surprised by the amount of negative things people had to say about the effectiveness of diplomacy as a tool. Given my new career, I find that rather disappointing. But I suppose you can find opposing opinions on any topic. So without further ado, here’re the ones I like:

Diplomacy is more than saying or doing the right things at the right time, it is avoiding saying or doing the wrong things at any time.
-Bo Bennett  – Motivational speaker.

Diplomacy is the art of saying “Nice doggie” until you can find a rock.
-Will Rogers – American cowboy, comedian, humorist, social commentator, vaudeville performer, actor, and one of the best-known celebrities in the 1920s and 1930s.

Diplomacy, n. is the art of letting somebody else have your way.
-David Frost – British journalist, comedian, writer and media personality, best known for his serious interviews with various political figures.

There are few ironclad rules of diplomacy but to one there is no exception. When an official reports that talks were useful, it can safely be concluded that nothing was accomplished.
-John Kenneth Galbraith – Canadian-American economist.  

There is no diplomacy like candor.
-Edward V. Lucas – English writer.

To say nothing, especially when speaking, is half the art of diplomacy.
-Will Durant – American writer, historian, and philosopher.

 A diplomat’s life is made up of three ingredients: protocol, Geritol and alcohol.
-Adlai E. Stevenson – American Politician, Governor of Illinois, and Ambassador to the United Nations

 A diplomat is a man who always remembers a woman’s birthday but never remembers her age.
-Robert Frost – American poet.

Negotiation in the classic diplomatic sense assumes parties more anxious to agree than to disagree.
-Dean Acheson – American statesman, diplomat and lawyer.

And my favorite anonymous quote: 

Diplomacy is the art of telling someone to go to hell in such a way that they look forward to the trip.