Resources is such a dry word. I prefer to think of it more as information that creates a solid visual picture in your mind. Anyway, here’re some good resources for Belize.


The Mosquito Coast with Harrison Ford and River Phoenix was filmed in Belize in 1986. Great movie. River Phoenix was my first celebrity crush, so I’ve actually seen this one a few times. ūüôā A couple other¬†films that I haven’t seen that were either¬†set¬†or filmed in Belize¬†are MegaPiranha and Dogs of War.

And let’s not forget such classic South and Central¬†American-themed films as Romancing the Stone, Only Angels Have Wings, Raiders of the Lost Arc, and The Tailor of Panama. I also ran across an interesting blog called Projections: What Latin America Tells Us in the Movies ( I haven’t read much of it, but the list of films and thoughtful reviews is impressive.


Our Man in Belize…haven’t read it yet but was told it’s a pretty funny story¬†recounted by an FS officer who was posted there in the ’60s. You can find a bunch of other ones on Amazon, but this is the only¬†one that was recommended to me. Although these ones look interesting as well:

Marijuana Time by Ken Lukowiak, a British Army officer in the ’80s.
Belize: A Novel by Carlos Ledsen Miller.
Jaguar: One Man’s Struggle to Establish the World’s First Jaguar Preserve by Alan Rabinowitz.

And of course there are a ton of guidebooks out there as well.


Lonely Planet Travel Video. This one is by three friends that did a bit of adventuring. My favorite part is their nod to the Corona commercial.

Samantha Brown: Passport to Latin America series, Belize episode. This one’ll cost you a whopping $1.99.

5minLife Videopedia has a lot of short clips:


There are also a bunch of blogs out there. I’m currently following You Can Call Me Al at He’s a Consular Officer in the embassy at the moment and a pretty good writer. He also wrote the feature post-of-the-month¬†article in¬†the April issue of¬†State Magazine, which was…ta da…Belize!

Well, that oughta give you a good start on all things Belizean. Enjoy!

PS…for anyone who’s counting, I used the word “Belize” or a derivative of it 10¬†times in this post.