We applied for our diplomatic passports today and were incredibly lucky to have short lines in the photo office and in the application office. And I was happy with my passport photo for the first time in 15 years. A and N both got their photos taken too and wore matching blue button-down shirts. Super cute! I think babies in tiny grown-up clothes are even cuter than in regular baby clothes because the contrast really emphasizes how small and cuddly they are. A was really well behaved…probably because he spent most of the time in line sucking on the ID badge hanging from my neck and drooling all down the front of my shirt. Very hygenic. I like to think that it helps build his immune system. Anyway, the passports should be ready in about two weeks, and then we can start working on our visas.

I also met with my Post Management Officer today and talked a bit about Belize. Most of what she said I’d already come across in my post research…except for the tarantulas. She said there are a lot of tarantulas just running around on the roads. Yeeeeeech. Good to know at least. Hopefully none of them decide to hitch a ride while we’re packing up boxes to be sent to our next post. I hope it’s somewhere COLD.

On a totally different topic, here’s a link to an article in the Foreign Service Journal on FS blogging. I thought it was kind of interesting…