Some of you might have noticed that I reposted my Central America post. I promise I wasn’t trying to confuse you on the dates or anything like that. I was having technical difficulties with a picture, so I finally just deleted the whole thing and reposted the text and photo separately.

Anyhoo, I have some fun facts about Belize:

1. The entire country is the size of the state of New Jersey.
2. 8.9% of the population speaks a Mayan dialect.
3. It has only been independent from the UK since 1981.
4. It operates on the English Common Law system.
5. It is part of the Commonwealth under Queen Elizabeth II.
6. The top three exports are sugar, bananas and citrus.
7. It has four paved airport runways in the whole country (and 41 unpaved).
8. As of 2008, there were approx 10,000 Mennonites living in Belize.
9. There are 26 species of hummingbird.
10. It has five species of big cat: jaguar, jaguarundi, margay, puma and ocelot.
11. It has the second largest coral reef in the world after Australia.
12. It has over 900 Mayan ruins.
13. It is one of the least populated countries in the world.
14. The national flower is the Black Orchid.
15. The national animal is the tapir.

Wild, huh? 😉