Things are continuing to go fabulously well during training. I was looking around at my fellow classmates today and realizing what neat people they really are…particularly the women. The guys are interesting enough, I’m sure, but the women are just awesome. They come from a variety of backgrounds…some single, some with families, some grew up overseas, most lived in the States but have traveled internationally. They’re all competent and intelligent and friendly and warm and genuine. Similar to the people in the Antarctic program, there’s an instant affinity because everyone loves adventure and languages and is looking forward to serving our country. We’re hoping to be posted near each other, or looking forward to serving together at the same post some time in the future. Keeping in touch, definitely.

And we’re having fun. I can’t divulge much of the details of training, but we’ve had a few field trips this week, and it’s been a great change from the first week where we were just trying to keep up with all the information coming our way. We’re relaxing and getting to know each other and laughing and just generally settling into our roles. There are social events…none that I’ve been able to make it to quite yet, but I’m excited for the family BBQ this weekend, and hopefully N will enjoy it too.

This next week is going to FLY by. For one thing, we find out where we’re going on Tuesday. I almost can’t believe it! It’s all going so quickly! But Tuesday is Flag Day, Friday is our ceremonial swearing-in, and then we only have three more weeks of training and we’re out of here! A few people in our class will be in training and language workshops for the next year, some already know they will be posted to DC for the next two years, but most of us will be going overseas immediately and can’t wait to hear where we’ll be posted.

Oh, and I bought four more suits at Syms (my new favorite clothing store), so I’m feeling somewhat professional. 🙂