I’ve always wondered about coincidences. Is it really just an intersection of familiar things that strike a chord? Or is it something else? Something more like Fate? When we first moved to Denver I did a painting that we hung in our spare bedroom. At the time I was trying to think of something exotic, something that reminded me of travel and the Foreign Service. Something that would help me keep my eye on the goal. So I painted an image from the Namibian landscape…the famous red dunes with a lavender sky, three small trees to represent our family, a full moon which I’ve always seen as a constant marker of stability from any point in the world, and a red English phone box to add a bit of interesecting culture…and we’d recently watched a bit of Dr. Who on BBC.

My painting of Namibian dunes from 2009.

Imagine my surprise when I saw this image hanging in the bedroom in our apartment in corporate housing.

Part of the painting in our bedroom in corporate housing in 2011.

Coincidence? Or Fate?

I like to think it’s Fate.