Everything is going really well so far. I’m starting to know my way around, my instructors’ names, my co-workers. And I’ve even made a couple friends in my first week that I hope I will someday be posted with. They’ve thrown a lot of information at us, but I feel like I’m keeping up with things. And the work has been great with all kinds of interesting people and information.

The only thing that is going to be challenging (well, I’m sure many things will be), but the most relevant one is knowing what not to put on my blog. For security reasons they ask that you keep most things that are work related out of the public domain. And I totally understand and respect that. I’ve always been a very open person, and my writing style has reflected that. But I will now run things by my hubby for editing and peer review.

The move from Denver was a rather rough one. We weren’t able to get our packers out in time for us all to make it to DC together. So I ended up leaving on Wednesday morning with the cat and the baby and driving like a mad woman across eight states…dodging thunderstorms and tornado warnings along the way. Happily, my in-laws live close to our new home and were able to meet me and help me juggle the cat and the baby while unloading the contents of my vehicle, and then watched A during the day for the first few days of training.

My wonderfully supportive hubby, N, remained in Denver for an extra week to supervise our packout when the movers finally did show up (the day I started training). And then he drove like a bat out of hell to get to us in DC. He spent one night somewhere in the middle of Kansas, then drove for 25 hours straight through to the east coast.

So far I’ve only burst into tears once, which was a fantastic stress reliever. At least it was at home and not at work…ha ha. N had called for quick directions on navigating downtown St. Louis, A was showing signs of a continuing ear infection so I was planning on taking him to the doctor that night but we hadn’t located a pediatrician yet, I had about two hours of homework to do for training, then we discovered mold on the wall and the carpet in the corner of the living room and had to switch to a hotel room while they found us a new apartment because N and I are both allergic to mold, and A still has sensitive baby lungs. So ya, a quick tear fest was called for and all was well. But our property manger was awesome. He had us booked into a hotel in minutes at no charge to us, and our new apartment was ready the next day.

Last night we went over to the grandparents’ house, swam in the heated pool, and watched the bats and the lightning bugs come out. I do love the lightning bugs. They’re my favorite natural thing about this area.

OH, and I can’t forget, we got our bid list!! I can’t put all the individual posts online, but happily there were no unaccompanied posts where I would have to go without my family. And there was a pretty decent variety…lots of developed countries and an equal amount of challenging posts. We will find out where we’re going on Flag Day on the 21st!