We got the call!!! Oh my god, what was I saying about being ready to go???  I really did want to get into the June 6th class, but had pretty much scratched it off by Thursday morning. I had long ago written “Last Day??” in my Outlook calendar at work for Friday, having calculated backward from the 6th allowing time for driving and an imaginary Monday packout. Having trained my replacement, I might’ve taken a leisurely half day, schmoozed with the ladies at A’s daycare, and had a nice celebratory dinner with my hubby.

Instead, I got an email saying “Congratulations!!! You have 10 days to get here.” I emailed them back expressing my enthusiasm, but I did have to remind them that we would be driving from Colorado and asked if it was logistically possible to get everything done by then. Everything being my HR paperwork, salary letter (YES, there was a nice raise involved), travel orders, temporary apartment reservations, and packers. Usually these sorts of things take at least a week, usually two or more. But I’ve worked as a government contractor before and have seen them move when they want to. However I was still impressed when everything but the packers was completed in less than 24 hours.

The packers are a different story. I was able to get a hold of the Transportation office, but unable to get an actual date on the packers as most companies are closed for the three-day weekend. FIGURES! The one week we could use an extra day or two, we’re actually short one. So the packers will either be arriving on Tuesday or (gulp) Wednesday. Tuesday would be better, then we could take off first thing on Wednesday morning and be confident that we’d make it to DC by Saturday. But if we get packed out on Wednesday, we’d have to leave that night and hopefully not arrive too late on Sunday. A little rest would be nice before my big first day…not that I’ll be able to sleep anyway!

And, of course, I wasn’t able to give my current job the two-weeks’ notice I would’ve preferred. They’re hoping I’ll be able to make it in on Tuesday and Wednesday to train my replacement. I start fidgeting just thinking about it. Wednesday is definitely not possible…because we will either be packing or driving. I suppose I shouldn’t worry too much about leaving them stranded. They went through four or five temps during the three months that I was on maternity leave. So the odds of the person I’d be training sticking around are slim anyway. Nothing against temps…I’ve been temped many times. But I’ll do what I can!

In the meantime, N and I have been madly shoving things around the house (it’s really an aparment, but I call it “the house”). The packers do bring all their own boxes and packing material, but you’re supposed to have your entire house separated into two piles: UAB and HHE. UAB (Unaccompanied Air Baggage) will be arriving at our apartment in a couple weeks. HHE (House Hold Effects) will be stored in a warehouse until we can go through it and determine what will be going to our first post and what will be staying, if anything.

Somewhere in there I had to go buy a suit. Suits are required for the first three weeks of training. I have two that I can’t quite fit into…still need to lose some baby weight…and one that I bought specifically for the State Dept interview. Happily, JC Penny was having a half-off sale. Unhappily, they don’t have much of a selection. So now I have two big black suits…makes me feel more like a mortician than a classy government employee. But I’ve heard of a lovely discount suit store in DC, so we might have to check it out in a couple weeks.

I also had to reschedule A’s nine-month well visit. Not sure why they don’t call them check-ups anymore. Anyway, he is no longer going to make his June 9th appointment, and we don’t have a pediatrician (or health insurance!) in DC yet. So his current pediatrician was kind enough to bump him up to this Tuesday. Wonder if we’ll have packers??

And let’s not forget a bit of vehicle maintenance before our roadtrip. So my hubby and I had to get the oil changed in our cars, and I finally got the chip in my windshield fixed by one of those shady characters that hangs around under a blue awning with a drill in front of shopping malls.

I won’t even go into the fact that we’re losing three weeks of rent and a week of daycare because we can’t give sufficient notice. But at least we did go month-to-month on our lease. And we cancelled our satellite TV a couple weeks ago because our complex kept hassling us about the placement of the dish (even though they okay’d it when it was installed).

So, yes! We are beyond thrilled to not have to wait until August. That WAS an option if we couldn’t make the June class…no hard feelings from State, etc. But we are officially ready to go!! Even if our last couple orders from Amazon end up in shipping limbo.