It’s raining today…for the second day in a row. It doesn’t rain very often in Denver and it makes me want to curl up in a ball and nap. I have a nice thick stack of papers on my desk that would support my head nicely. They just came off the printer, so they’re nice and warm too. Apparently, the rain also makes me feel sorry for myself. I was really hoping that we would make it into the June training class, but as May drags on and our window gets smaller, I’m starting to think that won’t be leaving anytime soon. 
No one has officially contacted me about possible dates yet (wouldn’t expect them to at this stage), but I’m a big internet researcher and found the training schedule online. The next class is at the beginning of June, and then there isn’t one until the middle of August. That’s three WHOLE months. I know, I sound like I’m five. But we were ready to go back in March!
I emailed Diplomatic Security to check on the status of my security clearance…and they actually emailed me back! They said my clearance has a “target” completion date of 5/24. After that we still need the final suitability review and travel orders, etc. If they could pull that off in a week, I would be beyond thrilled. But I won’t hold my breath. The most frustrating part is that we went month-to-month when our lease expired because we felt like things were moving really quickly. Now they’ve stalled and transition money is dwindling fast.
So I’ll try to focus on something more positive…our possible future locations! I have no idea what will be available when the time comes, but it’s still fun to daydream. Anywhere in Europe would be awesome, of course, but we’re hoping for something a little more exotic and with a slightly higher hardship differential for our first assignment. Some of you have heard me say this already, but I don’t mind repeating…our top three posts where we would love to live are Mongolia, Thailand and South Africa (specifically Cape Town). And here’s why:
They all have great housing and a low cost of living. Thailand and South Africa both have a fabulous climate, great food, lots to do and English is common. We have several friends from the Antarctic who have traveled to both countries and loved them. And I even have a friend who lives near Cape Town who has a little girl and another baby on the way. We could have play dates! Mongolia has a great hardship differential, wild history, and a small but close-knit expat community, which sounds like fun. And of course, they each have their own fascinating cultures as well. Can’t wait to the see our real bid list when the time comes.