One of the many reasons I love the idea of being in the Foreign Service (other than the fabulous travel and the cool diplomatic passport) is that it is very family oriented. It’s kind of like the Antarctic Program for grown-ups. 😉

To work in the Antarctic you have to be at least 18 and have your own employment contract…works great for singles. But in the FS only one person has to get in, and then you can bring your entire family, including your pets. They have great health benefits. The government pays to ship the entire contents of your home (up to 18Klbs or so). The size of your housing is based on the size of your family (and probably a bit of rank and seniority), but they still won’t cram a family of five into a studio apartment. They’ll ship one vehicle for you. And you get an education allowance for each child so that they can have an education on par with the American public school system no matter where you are in the world. So, yay, for the family!

The only downside is that you do have to leave some members behind. My dad is visiting from California at the moment and meeting his grandson for the first time. I do feel a decent amount of guilt for taking A so far away from all of the wonderful grandparents that love him…he’s a lucky boy and has three sets. But hopefully they will all be able to come visit us overseas.

In other news, we heard from State today, and they’re almost done with N’s medical clearance, yay!! A and I received ours last week and are good to go. The next training class starts at the beginning of June, so we’re hoping to get everything wrapped up before then. If it’s not, then we have to wait until August. And we are so ready to move!!